All Luxury Class A - RV Rental

Open Mon-Sat
8am - 5pm

Select your RV rental from over 300 great choices.

Your rental includes the following:

Daily $ Rate x 6 Days = RV Rental Charge
Housewares no charge, Linens $50/Person
Cleaning Charge from $100
Delivery Charge to EDC 2019 $1,628
Refundable Rental Deposit from $1,000
30 Amp / 50 Amp Service: $450/$650


Insomniac Costs/Fees:

$449 - Camp EDC RV Camping Pass
$50 - Camp EDC RV Camping Pass Taxes & Fees
$5 - Ticket and Car Parking Pass Delivery
Total: $504


Handling for food orders and provisions at no charge:

Order at
Your order needs to be delivered on May 14th between 8am - 5pm.
Use our address for delivery.
12210 Beach Blvd Stanton, CA 90680

Note: Glitter/glue removal can cost up to $500
Please be careful with your glitter.